Truthfulness in Nature

At Pentecost 1924, Rudolf Steiner gave the eight lectures of the Agriculture Course in Koberwitz, which still form the basis of the worldwide biodynamic movement today.

The Goetheanum Garden welcomes all those who are interested, to the centenary celebrations at Whitsun 2024. Workshops, market stalls with biodynamic products, guided tours of the grounds, and artistic performances will provide insights into biodynamic agriculture. “At the Agricultural Conference, we celebrated the anniversary with the whole world; now we are celebrating for the region!” emphasizes Benno Otter, head of the Goetheanum Garden. The aim of the courses and guided tours is to experience what biodynamic agriculture means.

When asked how you can recognize biodynamic gardening at the Goetheanum Park, he added: “Unconsciously, many people notice it in the ambiance. This atmosphere is built up from our soil care, where we work with lime, the rock of the region. We build on what we have here, and that is clay-limestone soil. We choose plants that blend in organically. Then, animals such as insects, butterflies, and birds are automatically added. They all contribute to the atmosphere. We are guided by the idea of working with indigenous nature. This is how truthfulness is created in nature, nothing artificial. We try to reinforce what is already there: behind the Glashaus, it is damp; up at the Keplerwarte, it is dry and lean. If we consider the natural landscape this way, it becomes an offer, an inspiration for humans to create this harmony within ourselves.”

Open day in the garden park at the Goetheanum: Sunday, May 19, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Translation Charles Cross
Photo Xue Li

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