Celebrating Biodynamics in Italy

Rome, Italy. An anniversary conference in the Italian Capital.

The centenary of biodynamic agriculture is also being celebrated in Italy. The 38th conference of the Associazione per L’Agricoltura Biodinamica will be held in Rome from May 17 to 19 to mark the occasion. At the conference, international experts in biodynamics will examine Rudolf Steiner’s eight lectures, which he gave in Koberwitz in 1924, from new perspectives. What are the central arguments of the lectures? In which direction do they point us today? The conference will be a colorful meeting of researchers, advisors, practicing farmers, and representatives of other ecologically oriented organizations. The first day of the event is also open to anyone interested. The conference will also include a large farmers’ market, where workshops and tastings will be held.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo François Croissant

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