The Strader Gadget

Dornach/Stuttgart. On the way to a moral technology.

Technology, in its many forms, is part of everyone’s everyday life. The technological developments of the present day increasingly reveal a merging of humans and machines. It is, therefore, all the more important that we base these developments on a clear moral compass. Rudolf Steiner described this in the Mystery Dramas based on the work of Dr. Strader. The character is now the namesake of a time and space technology non-profit company, which was founded by anthroposophical doctor and therapist Jan-Gabriel Niedermeier and speech formation artist Esther Böttcher. “With strader:tech, we are on the way to developing etheric technology as moral technology.” A lecture and seminar were held in Dornach on May 29 and 30 to get to know the technology for the first time. On June 8, Niedermeier and Böttcher will talk to author Andreas Neider about their initiative and the context in which it came about at the one-day seminar “The electronic doppelganger and the technology of the future” at the Rudolf Steiner House in Stuttgart.

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Translation Charles Cross
Image Sketch by Hans Kühn from: Contributions to the Rudolf Steiner Complete Edition No. 187, p.17

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