50 + 1 Into The Future

The International Cultural Centre Achberg (INKA) had to postpone its anniversary celebration in 2021 and is now starting its belated celebration with a new impulse.

From June 16 to 19, instead of a program planned down to the very last detail, encounters and exchanges are to take place as an invitation to ‹Future Talks›, as the festival is called. The companions and friends of the INKA, as well as newcomers, are invited to talk about the challenges of the future in open formats and to include the fruits of the work of the last 50 years – as far as they are still relevant today. Current events have come to a head in recent years. Therefore, we are all the more confronted with unanswered questions. What were the failures in our social responsibility that led us to this point? What tasks do we now face so that the 21st century can still succeed? What are the specific challenges of the coming years? For example, what do we have up our sleeves – from the work of the INKA for direct democracy or for new ways of navigating business and money? These are the questions that are to be moved together with a view to their social, ecological, and also spiritual dimensions. But the question of the future also arises for the INKA itself. How can the ‹treasures›, the ideas, and the experiences from the past 50 years of work for the social organism but also the external treasure of the Humboldt House and its grounds be dedicated to the future? During these days, the Omnibus for Direct Democracy will also be on site. The exhibition ‹Joseph Beuys, Hanns Hoffmann-Lederer, Maria Keller – Three Artistic Personalities in their Connection to Achberg and the International Cultural Centre› will end with this event on June 19.

More Internationales Kulturzentrum Achberg – Werkstatt der neuen Gesellschaft

Image Lively discussions at the ‹Let’s Economy› conference last year. Photo: Gerhard Schuster – Translation: Monika Werner

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