From the Same Tailor

Blackbirds, tits, and finches do not argue about the way they sing. They simply sing and chirp the beauty’s tones. In their differences in harmony with all morning or evening singers of the sunlight sphere.

This is also the case with human languages, worldviews, teachings of being, and spiritual foundations. They are like robes that people wove to understand and fulfill human life on this earth. They are like a pictorial dream that people created in the desert, the mountains, in the rainforest, or in Celtic hills in order to locate themselves in their relationship to being and nature. So they are a first spiritual home, our first celestial productions on earth, in order to form a picture of ourselves. The harmony of these robes in this garment tailoring shop testifies to the sphere of sunlight of human beings, of the tailor.

Under the robes lies the source, the origin; more common or not, because it is quite possible that I belong to a different ancestral line than you. Quite possibly, I have a different voice, sing differently into the day or the night. But every encounter with you means listening to the source. Every touch of your embroidery on your robe also means being able to hear myself again: the origin from which I come. Until then, each of us is a species in its own right.

PictureSlava Saveljev

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