Where Anthroposophy Finds Its Cultural Power

There are 250 training centers for Waldorf education worldwide. The importance of these institutions for anthroposophical cultural work can hardly be overestimated. Quite a few anthroposophical cultural workers and leaders have attended seminars in these educational institutions, and quite a few impulses for anthroposophical life emanate from them. They are anthroposophical places of culture. For decades, lecturers at the Stuttgart Waldorf seminary, Stefan Leber, Wolfgang Schad, and Ernst-Michael Kranich, shaped German-speaking anthroposophical life. It is therefore all the more gratifying that, at the invitation of the Pedagogical Section, people from 80 of these educational institutions have now met for the first time at the Goetheanum to discuss adult education. What anthroposophy is and wants is always clothed in the words and phrases of the time. If there is one place where contemporary spiritual language is important, then it is these 250 training centers for teachers-to-be. Anyone interested in anthroposophical cultural work would be well advised to turn to these places.

Translation Laura Liska
Photo Xue Li

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