15 Years of Waldorf in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey. Waldorf education in Turkey is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. A tribute.

What distinguishes the geography we live in are the experiences there and the seeds our ancestors left us. Anatolia is a very special part of the world that has preserved many such seeds in the form of parables and myths. Today, we carry in our souls the traces of every being that lived on our land until it became our land. And it is no coincidence that a wisdom such as anthroposophy is joyfully meeting and blending with this land. There is a photo taken in 1914 showing more than a hundred people working on the construction of the first Goetheanum. In that photo, you see the silent heroes of this unique structure. Every time I see that photo, the story behind the Waldorf movement in Turkey comes to my mind.

Tarhan Onur, who met an anthroposophical doctor in Vienna years ago, initially admired the anthroposophical approach to illness. She was the one who brought the seed of anthroposophy to Turkey. In 2009, together with other friends of Waldorf education, she founded Eğitim Sanatı Dostları Derneği, “Friends of the Art of Education.” Since then, the initiative has been working enthusiastically on the recognition, teaching, and implementation of Waldorf education throughout the country. The support of the international anthroposophical community was present throughout all these processes. The names of all the helpers are embroidered with golden threads in the memory of our country and in our hearts. On this special journey, we look to the future with pride and joy—from the front step of our own Goetheanum, whose construction work is in full swing.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Adem Özsöz

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