Who Dances with Polarity

Today, life is shaped by polar impulses that come from nature and technological developments. The conference of the Natural Science Section from October 6 to 9 will shed light on the spiritual effects of polarity on us humans.

By observing our interactions with digital technology and nature, we work out the forms and gestures that underlie both. As humans standing between Heaven and Earth, we react to the polarities within which we exist. A rhythmic change characterizes the beating heart and breath, waking and sleeping, birth and death. Rudolf Steiner outlines that human beings can develop a knowledge of spirits in which they rise just as high into supernatural nature as they descend into subsensible nature with technical activity. Inside, we unfold the power to resist this danger.

A step towards supernature is the Goetheanist natural science. It creates relationships by training perception and living thinking. The Section invites you to submit research projects for the conference: by September 15 to science@goetheanum.ch.

Image source Flyer of the event – Translation: Monika Werner

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