Applause All Around

The final meeting of the eurythmy and speech formation educational trainings took us around the world in a few days.

Is it a different generation or general relief of being able to reconvene after Covid-19 that made the final meeting so warm and appreciative? Stefan Hasler, head of the Section for the Performing Arts, reports that an enormously strong feeling of mutual appreciation and recognition of each other’s strengths was evident throughout the meeting. Subsequent work in the circle of trainers, which this time dealt with tone gestures, was also stronger than ever. During the meeting, there were some very special moments. For the first time, a poem in Arabic was eurythmized at the Goetheanum by a graduate from Egypt. The pioneer educational training from Mexico, which brought its first 13-member graduating class, was also admired; all of Mexico City’s explosive power was tangible. A Taiwanese graduating class also came to the meeting from far away and shone with openness and beauty in Taiwanese. Furthermore, the German educational trainings and those from Aesch, New York, West Midlands, Bucharest, Jerusalem, and Tivon were represented. Unfortunately, the announced visitors from Australia, South Africa, and Korea could not take part. It was also impossible for the South American educational trainings to participate, so they decided to organize their own eurythmy festival from the 19th to the 25th June in São Paulo and invited Stefan Hasler to join. In addition to the graduating classes from São Paulo and Buenos Aires, the lecturers there also presented their own programs. Furthermore, everyone worked with Stefan Hasler on Rudolf Steiner’s Sound and Tone Eurythmy course. Translation: Simone Ioannou

Image Final meeting 2022, Photo: Paul Stender

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