What Does The Spirit World Mean For Me?

This question was asked to the meeting of the Goetheanum employees. Philipp Reubke, Co-Head of the Pedagogical Section, gave the first answer.

He took out a doll knotted from a cloth and took it as an example that one has an active part in recognition, comparable to the fantasy in the face of the knotted fabric. Outwardly, this has nothing to do with a being, yet the child’s imagination expands the material into a living doll. Many philosophers point out that it is naïve to think that knowledge consists of depicting the world as faithfully as possible with a camera.

In his lectures in Oxford, Rudolf Steiner answers the question of what the spiritual world is: it is absolute productivity. A reflection of this is the young child’s world with his tremendous willpower and love of the unfinished. An obstacle to experiencing the spiritual world is to imagine it ‹visually›. It is more comparable to a musical experience. Then Reubke added an interesting comparison: the string of a string instrument must come to rest before it can be played again – before it can absorb the vibration of another instrument through resonance. So be it with us humans: When we come to rest, the spiritual world can resonate.

Photo Sofia Lismont
Translation Monika Werner

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