Celebrating Diversity in Community

Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. The younger generation of the Camphill network celebrates diversity in community.

From May 17 to 20, the Mourne Grange Camphill Community will host the International Camphill Youth Conference. The thematic focus this year is “Celebrating Diversity in Community. A healing journey of self-discovery and shared inspiration.” Over Pentecost, young people from all over the world will come together in the Northern Irish coastal town of Kilkeel to experience the power of community in a collective experience and to be nourished and inspired by it. The English-language conference program includes activities for the hands, heart, and head: active participation in community life, keynote speeches on personal development, discussion groups, and a Pentecost celebration together with the residents of Mourne Grange.

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Contact youthconference@mournegrange.org

Translation Charles Cross

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