Meeting of This Year’s Eurythmy Alumni

From June 24 to 27, twenty eurythmy schools and one speech school will come to the Goetheanum for the meeting of the graduating classes.

For eurythmy students, especially in distant countries such as Japan or Mexico, this means an enormous economic expense, yet they are coming to the Goetheanum for a week at the end of their training. Many eurythmy training courses are now part-time, such as the one in Järna, Sweden, which is coming to the Goetheanum for the first time. The study year from Australia is coming to the Goetheanum for the first time because a visit was not possible during the coronavirus pandemic. The same applies to the students from India. Students from Egypt, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland are back. The students from Jerusalem are also coming and, in view of the war in the Gaza Strip and the expected commentary, are wondering what kind of atmosphere they will encounter. Stefan Hasler has therefore planned a round table discussion on the conflict with the students.

For the first time, a study course from Lisbon is traveling to the Goetheanum, although it has not become an entire school, and a small group is also coming from Madrid. Dual study courses, where students teach in schools and study at the same time, are on the rise. This applies to the students from Norway who are attending the Goetheanum for the first time. Stefan Hasler emphasized the diversity that this meeting shows and hopes the annual meeting will develop and increase such diversity in eurythmy. In fact, the gestures and types of movement in the individual countries are emancipating themselves and gaining their independent expression. This will be clearly visible in the joint performance of all the Weekly Verses.

More International Graduates’ Meeting Eurythmy / Speech Formation

Translation Charles Cross
Image Eurythmy Olympics 2023. Photo: Xue Li

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