Healing Color Chambers

Therapeutic pentagon-dodecahedron color chambers are being created at the Michael Healing Center, about 20 kilometers from Heidelberg in the Odenwald.

The impulse to use pentagon-dodecahedron color chambers therapeutically came from a collaboration between Rudolf Steiner and Felix Peipers. Seven color chambers were to be realized as part of the Johannesbau (the St. John’s building), a precursor of the Goetheanum building project. Their construction was planned around 1911 in Münich. However, the Johannesbau building project was never realized due to the lack of a building permit, and later, in Dornach, the project could not be continued because Peipers did not have a valid work permit.

More than a century has gone by. The First Goetheanum was in lost flames, and the potential therapeutic use of pentagon-dodecahedron color chambers had been forgotten. However, a group of physicians is taking up the impulse anew, initiated and accompanied by the composer and artist Atmani, who, following Steiner, worked out the basics for their use. The color chamber treatments are part of anthropophonetics, a healing treatment using sounds and tones.

Practical experience in medical anthropophonetics training has demonstrated the effectiveness of Rudolf Steiner’s original impulse. Small pentagon-dodecahedron color chambers (2.90 meters) have already been built for this purpose. Their field of application is manifold, as treatments are individually adapted to the patient. At the Michael Healing Center in Hirschhorn, full-size color chambers (4.50 meters) are being created for the first time for patient work and studies.

More information and image source Michael-Heilzentrum

Translation Laura Liska

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