The Essence of Bees

According to Rudolf Steiner, we could consider bees to be siblings of the human being.

The Mellifera Association is hosting the BienenWesenTagung (Essence of Bees Conference) in the Anthroposophical Center in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, November 10-12th. The association has been committed to beekeeping in accordance with the essential nature of bees since 1986 and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures to the workers titled “On the Nature of Bees” at the conference. All beekeepers, and beekeepers interested in species-appropriate Demeter beekeeping or who already practice it, are invited to attend. Through presentations, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and group work, participants will explore the spiritual background of the nature of bees and discuss possible perspectives and expectations for keeping bees in the future in accordance with their essence. The conference will be held in German.

More Der Bienenfreund

Translation Laura Liska
Image Warmth-filled, scent-filled sphere of the bee swarm. Artist: Monika Weiler.

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