Founding a Biodynamic Farm

Lisbon, Portugal. Supporting biodynamic agriculture in dry climates.

Adama Haya is an Israeli organization that aims to establish and support biodynamic agriculture not only in Israel, but also in other countries with dry climates. In cooperation with local biodynamic initiatives, Adama Haya also organizes multi-day courses in Europe, in which participants learn about various areas of biodynamics in a practice-oriented way. From May 16 to 23, a course will be held at the Quinta Cacimba farm north of Lisbon, Portugal, which will focus on the fundamentals of setting up a new biodynamic farm. Participants will receive an introduction to the management of such a farm and to the Demeter standards and certification process. They will also familiarize themselves with biodynamic cultivation practices and preparations and learn how to set up community-based agriculture on their farm.

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