Living Food

Aleksandr Matyushkin, one of the founders of Waldorf TV, visited the club Zhivoi Edy in Kaluzhskaya Oblast in Russia, about 250 kilometers outside of Moscow this fall.

The Klub Zhivoi Edy is a biodynamic farm that produces ‹living food› (cf. ‹Goetheanum› 36/2021). Waldorf TV interviewed the founder of the cooperative, Aleksei Zharov. The filmed interview is a portrait of Aleksei, his biography, how he applies biodynamic farming, and the biodynamic movement in Russia. The conversation takes place, among other things, between the fields, where Aleksei shows the variety of vegetables. He talks about the approaches of biodynamic agriculture, for example, for the production of preparations or about the collective farm organization. This refers to the Community-Supported Agriculture they work with. The film interview provides insight into the project, even without Russian language skills.

Klub Zhivoi Edy

Image Aleksei Zharov, left, and Aleksandr Matjushkin, right, in a video interview in the greenhouse of the club Zhivoi Edy.

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