100 Years of the Anthroposophical Society

The 100th anniversary of the Anthroposophical Society is being celebrated in Germany.

From June 23-25, the annual conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Germany will take place at the Anthroposophical Centre in Kassel. In addition to looking back at the founding impulses, we will consider the present “with appreciative clarity” and take a probing, questioning look towards the future. There will be 14 different working groups, as well as a plenum which will participate in the shaping of the society. Numerous artistic performances and a lecture by Michaela Glöckler are also on the programme.

More Anthroposophische Gesellschaft in Deutschland e.V.

Image Else-Klink-Ensemble: Geh durch. Zu dir. [Go through. To you.]

Translation Eliza Rozeboom

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