How Can Farms Successfully Continue?

The Platform for Agricultural Socioeconomics analyses the transfer of family farms and identifies knowledge gaps and the need for action.

The platform, which brings together scientific research with agricultural institutions and organizations, is critical of the the fact that the social dimension hardly ever features in the current debate on the transformation of agriculture. In a discussion paper, it has analyzed the generational change in family farms and the need for action regarding science, consultation, and politics. The work was funded by the Agricultural Annuity Bank. Purely economic explanations for problems involving farm transfer or statistical counts – which are mostly available at present – aren’t sufficient. Traditional norms have become fragile and can no longer reduce social tensions within families. In addition to research, advice is also needed. Farming families are often faced with considerable problems, as the transfer of a farm not only has legal and economic aspects, but also many social, emotional, and personal ones.

Source and link to the paper Platform Agricultural Socioeconomics

Photo Heather Gill

Translation Eliza Rozeboom

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