The Great Soul

It was an initiative decided at short notice. Students around the Goetheanum met to organize an artistic peace evening with eurythmy, recitation, and stories.

The wooden house on the edge of the Goetheanum became a meeting place for more than 100 visitors. Before Gerald Häfner opened the evening, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian could be heard. From the broad political point of view, it became very personal with the poem ‹Wing› by the Ukrainian poet Lina Kostenko, recited by the 13-year-old Maliyov Dmytro. Recitations and eurythmy brought the Eastern European expanse into the room. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian folk songs carried off into the vastness of the Slavic soul. The depth of mind that ran through the room made the absurdity of the war felt all the more clearly, even screamingly. Raphael Kleimann reported on the biodynamic project Potutory and took a look at the history of Ukraine. It is not only in the middle of the East-West axis but also in a North-South axis due to the relationship and origins of the Nordic immigrants. Kievan Rus are the Norwegian ‹rowers› who came up the Dnieper river to Kyiv. He raved about the black earth. Thus, according to the rich soul, the fullness of life of this country was present. An ad hoc choir of the Basic Healing Eurythmy Training concluded with the chorale ‹Tebe pojom› by Dmitri Bortnjansky. Such a peaceful evening.

PictureYagor Hulat, Arssjenij Bulat; Song in Belarusian: ‹Belovzhskajya Puschkcha›, Photo: Wolfgang Held

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