Turkish Waldorf Education

Last fall, the teachers’ seminar with lecturer Alfred Rahmen concluded after four instead of five years due to the pandemic.

Eight students received diplomas, another six students received certificates of participation. Nana Goebel also came to Istanbul by invitation and we thanked the Friends of Waldorf Education for their support. We plan to start an introductory seminar in the fall of 2022 and a new training seminar in 2023. We were also able to complete our third kindergarten training at the end of November. Currently, 21 students are working on their theses. The fourth round began in January with two lecturers from Europe and 36 students who are already working in one of the 12 Waldorf-inspired kindergartens. Immediately afterward, the second class of 35 students who have just come from the university started. These students were selected from 330 applications.

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Cover picture: At the graduation ceremony, handing out the diplomas of the teacher seminar with Alfred Rahmen and Nana Goebel.

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