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A new training course in England

Since September 2021 Sven Saar and Alan Swindell have been leading the new seminar in Ringwood, South England, the largest course for aspiring Waldorf teachers in Britain.

In Great Britain almost all training courses are part-time and need to be financed by the students themselves. There is a long tradition here: the course at Emerson College and the London Waldorf Seminar have become known worldwide because of their international orientation. Emerson College Education Course was replaced by the West of England Steiner Teacher Training (WESTT) at the beginning of the century, and the final students will graduate from the London course at Rudolf Steiner House this July. Both seminars are now closed.

The Waldorf Institute, standing on the shoulders of these giants, wants to offer a new beginning and an Anthroposophically based, contemporary path out of the crisis for British Waldorf schools: modern Waldorf teachers must not only know the basics, but also be able to relate critically and confidently to tradition in order to become innovative in the best sense. They also need resilience and high professional standards to withstand the scrutiny of inspectors and enable their schools to survive and have a healthy economic future. Modern students are seeking a new orientation, transforming themselves and learning their craft, but they also want to be active co-creators of the process.

The Waldorf Institute sets itself high standards, developed and challenged not least through its international network and undogmatic approach to curriculum: its experienced tutors regularly offer online courses in Asia and mentor new and established schools in many countries.

The Institute’s next course begins on September 9th.

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