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Israeli Multi-Generational Community Kfar Rafael Evacuated

Kfar Rafael is an anthroposophically oriented social therapy community located in south Israel, just 25 miles [40 km] from the Gaza border. A total of 130 people live in the village, including adults with care and assistance needs and their support families, as well as volunteers from Israel and abroad. The immediate proximity of Kfar Rafael to the war zone has become clearly noticeable in the everyday lives of its residents. Several rockets have flown overhead since the October 7 attack by Hamas, and two terrorists were apprehended just three miles [5 km] from the village. The threat to the physical and mental health of the community members made it necessary to evacuate most of them to the Sea of Galilee and the southern Arabah. Kfar Rafael is now faced with enormous financial expenses, which are not compensated by Israeli authorities. Anyone interested in offering financial support to the community can follow the instructions available in the appeal for donations by Gal Levy, secretary of the village organization.

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Translation Joshua Kelberman
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