New Leadership at Rudolf Steiner Verlag

Jonathan Stauffer steps out; Johannes Onneken steps in

Before becoming a Waldorf teacher, Jonathan Stauffer worked as a bookseller at the Paul Haupt Verlag [publishing house] in Bern, Switzerland, and as a production manager at NordSüd Verlag. Life eventually led him to the Rudolf Steiner Verlag, which he headed since 2003. As manager director, he transformed the publishing house into an independent joint-stock company. Stauffer will retire on December 31, completing 20 years with Rudolf Steiner Verlag. In retirement, he plans to dedicate more time to the bed and breakfast he runs with his wife in Haute-Saône, France, but will also continue to work on book productions at Rudolf Steiner Verlag.

Johannes Onneken took over as managing director on October 1. He also has many years of experience in the publishing industry, where he was responsible for publishing and product range development, book typesetting and design, graphic design, marketing, and website creation and development. Onneken is also the owner of a graphic design studio and is himself artistically active in interior and exhibition design, painting, and photography.

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Translation Joshua Kelberman
Image Johannes Onneken; Photo: Charlotte Fischer

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