Researching the Effects of Biodynamic Preparations

The next online seminar of the International Biodynamic Research Platform will be held on 16 November on the topic “Scientific Proof of the Biodynamic Preparation Effects—What is the State of Knowledge?”

During the session, there will be an opportunity to share experiences in researching the effects of the preparations with other researchers from around the world. This exchange will follow presentations by experienced researchers who will share their latest work in the field.

Meike Oltmanns and Dr. Christopher Brock will provide an overview of the current scientific evidence for the effects of preparations. They will present preliminary results of their latest meta-study on the effects of preparations. Meike Oltmanns and Dr Christopher Brock are board members and leading researchers at Forschungsring (Germany). Meike Oltmanns is an experienced researcher who has been working with biodynamic preparations for many years. Christopher Brock coordinates the research activities of the German Demeter Association and organises projects for the Biodynamic movement on an international level. He is also an expert in soil science and study design.

Dr Jürgen Fritz will present the results of an extensive microbiome study on 25 sites in France and Germany. Microbiome analysis is a promising new approach to studying the effects of preparations using modern scientific methods. Dr Jürgen Fritz is Coordinator for Biodynamic Food and Agriculture at the University of Kassel (Germany). He is one of the most renowned academic researchers in biodynamics and has published extensively in scientific journals. Preparations are a central theme of his research.

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