How Does Eurythmy Sing?

Tania Mierau has been a member of the Else-Klink-Ensemble since 1996, has taught eurythmy for over 25 years, and completed her postdoctoral degree in Stuttgart in 2016. Nicolás Prestifilippo spoke to her about her research into tone eurythmy.

According to Mierau, Stuttgart’s eurythmy is always associated with something singing, ringing, and streaming with light that comes from the center of the body. “As a student, I naturally absorbed this and also tried it. When I started teaching myself, I asked myself: What is behind this? How do I get into this stream? I wanted to understand and develop a method for teaching how to get into this stream.”

Prestifilippo wanted to know what turns tone eurythmy into visible singing. Mierau answered, “One focus was in the seventh lecture of the tone eurythmy course, where Rudolf Steiner sees the starting point for musical eurythmy in the collarbone. Then I asked myself how one could find ‘similarities’ in singing in order to apply them in eurythmy.”

From, Eurythmy in conversation: What makes tone eurythmy visible singing? A conversation with Tania Mierau

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