Music for Eye and Ear

Two artists from the USA are following the initial suggestions from Rudolf Steiner and Jan Stuten in their course ‹Exploring the Live Motion Picture›. In a small working group, they continue to discover and develop the ‹art of the motion picture›.

On the East Coast of the USA, in New York State, composer Don Jamison and artist Nathaniel Williams are inviting four to five participants to a three-week workshop at the Free Columbia training centre. There will be choral singing, eurythmy with Virginia Hermann and work with a range of newly invented analogue colour projection instruments. These parts of the workshop will be shared with the class of the M.C. Richards Program and a local choir. There are also conversations with artists and joint research discussions. The inspiration for this programme comes from Rudolf Steiner’s inspirational advice about music, colour, movement and the spoken word. Steiner suggested that there could be an ‹art of the moving picture› in which colours and shapes are formed by people into live moving images instead of images that are turned into films by automated machines. The workshop is a gateway for everyone interested in this creative research approach. Singing and colour work will be the main pillars of the participants’ daily work. The course will run from the 14th of November to the 3rd of December. The project ends with three final own performances at the Lightforms Art Center in Hudson. At the same time, there will be an exhibition of related works by visual artists Gary Lamb, Michael Howard and Laura Summer.


Picture Counterpoint in Space Op 146 – Lumia› by Thomas Wilfred. Photo: Amaury Laporte, CC. <strong>Translation</strong> Christian von Arnim

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