Merging Instead of Leading

We need fresh leadership in organizations if our communion between individuals, groups, and all living things is to succeed. Leaders and those interested in leadership can now meet like-minded people in a two-year seminar to explore modern leadership perspectives with experts working in the field as well as colleagues from around the world.

On March 22, the new digital seminar entitled ‹Leadership in Transformation›, which is organized by representatives of the World Social Initiative Forum, began. The seminar is taking place online and in English. The first four meetings will take place between March and June and will provide a first big arc for the entire course, which will enter a deepening phase starting in October. One of the main goals in the encounter with other responsible leaders and decision-makers is self-transformation on the way. This process is guided in four steps in order to be carried out in partnership and on an equal footing. The first step is perception: What can I observe as a context? This is followed by the individualization of one’s own biography and one’s own fate as well as participation and collaboration with others. The last step is the embodiment: How do I create light in the darkness? Approaches of daily contemplative practice are examined. The seminars are accompanied by guests. On 22 March, Aonghus Gordon, who has been setting up the Ruskin Mill Trust since 1981 with twelve sites and thousands of young people in the UK, was there. For him, the main task of education is to free people from the limitations of heritage and cultural socialization. «The ‹I› needs a journey to self-management and self-leadership. During this process, it undergoes numerous repetitions, often accompanied by resistance.» (Aonghus Gordon) For this, he referred to Goetheanist phenomenology as well as Rudolf Steiner’s ‹Theosophy› (GA 9) and ‹Anthroposophy and Science› (GA 234). On April 6, he will be followed by Carrie Schuchardt, who founded the House of Peace in the USA and has been working with refugees for many years. Her contribution will refer to ‹Equality in the Legal Sphere – From Power to Unification›.

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Photo: Clayton Holmes

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