Goethean Science

Craig Holdrege is director of the ‹Nature Institute› in Ghent. Its goal is to broaden the view of nature from the laboratories.

I experience «Goethean Science» as a way of transforming and developing human abilities. It makes it possible to gradually immerse oneself in the sensory world’s meaningful living nature and recognize it. It is a path of experience that leads out of the abstractness of modern consciousness and its attachment to what has become (whether thought or thing). Thinking then serves the view – the ‹delicate empiricism› (Goethe).

Image: Color studies – merging of experiences. Photo: The Nature Institute

The goal is to become more and more the organ of perception for what is active, the effect in the apparitions. We experience the event character of the world, in which we ourselves are actively involved. By following this path, we open up the possibility of promoting development as a human being in the Earth’s events.

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Picture Animal morphology – assembling the spine of a dolphin in small groups. Photo: The Nature Institute

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