On May 14, the Day of Phenomenology took place for the second time to ensure more awareness of phenomenology among the Dutch public.

This day was the ‹crowning achievement› of our Goetheanistic phenomenological courses, which we have been conducting for laypeople for five years on topics such as plants, trees, birds, rocks, water, and chemistry. We also wanted to reach young people and teachers so that a new generation of people interested in phenomenology can come up. Jaap van der Wal (doctor, anatomist, and embryologist) was a guest speaker. He gave an inspiring lecture about ‹the embryo in us›, that is, about the cosmic person we were before conception and who remains active throughout our lives. After the introduction, a good 80 participants worked practically on various topics of natural phenomenology. In the end, the proposal arose to call this event the ‹Festival of Phenomenology› in the future – a good sign of the success of this day.

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Picture Embryology Working Group. Photo: Irene Keijzer – Translation: Monika Werner

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