A Small Initiation

Phenomenology: for the first time, looking at the world properly!

As an active participant in the field of further education in Goetheanistic natural sciences, Anthroposophical pharmacy, and Biodynamic agriculture, I move in different circles, professions, and age groups. Again and again, I experience how crucial concrete practice in nature is. Going to the world’s phenomena through loving and careful attention leads to a real awakening for many people, to a kind of small initiation. The Goetheanist approach is accessible to everyone. Human beings thereby become a whole being again; their thinking sharpens and comes alive, their feeling is sensitized, and their will becomes more world-oriented. – Goetheanism should be done. Internationally, we offer individual and part-time training in Goetheanistic-Anthroposophical natural sciences and many other further education courses and seminars.

NID Sapientia
Research Institute at the Goetheanum

Picture The two Goetheanists Jan Albert Rispens and Vesna Forštnerič Lesjak, at a seminar on the poppy family.

Translation Monika Werner

Vesna Forštnerič Lesjak from Slovenia is not only a pharmacist, but also runs a biodynamic farm where, among other things, she grows her medicinal plants and processes them into food supplements, teas as well as cosmetic products. She leads the anthroposophical pharmaceutical-medical and Goethean initiatives in her country. She is also a member of the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum and a trainer in Goethean science.

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