Fresh Start at Germany’s Largest Ethical Bank

Aysel Osmanoglu is the new CEO of Germany’s largest ethical bank.

After 45 years at GLS-Bank, Thomas Jorberg, who previously held the post, has retired. Jorberg had been a board member since 1993, and led the way as GLS Bank grew out of its niche – he was awarded the ‹European Banker of the Year 2021› award for his life’s work. Aysel Osmanoglu, who has been working in ethical banking since 2002, took over the role in January – prior to this, she studied economics and management. With two other new members on the Management Board, she will manage the bank alongside Michael Ahlers, Ssonja Peter, Dirk Kannacher, and Christina Opitz.

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Image Aysel Osmanoglu, Photo: Patrick Tiedtke/GLS Bank

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