Freedom in Culture

Laura Summer is Director and Co-Founder of Free Columbia in Philmont, New York.

Asis How do you apply social threefolding, especially “freedom in culture“ in your work?

Summer When Nathaniel Williams and I founded Free Columbia, we were both studying Rudolf Steiner’s social threefolding. It was obvious that if we were going to create a course in art, it should be an example of what the free cultural realm is. So we made Free Columbia financially accessible to everyone. All of our program is on a sliding scale that starts at zero, as are all of our art dispersals and activities. We knew that the model of Free Columbia is not an end goal for free culture but it is a transitional model. In a functional society, artists would be supported to work, spaces would be alive with creativity and everyone would have enough to eat. We do not live in a functional society. We do not YET live in a transitional society. We live with dysfunction—but we can try to move the culture forward.

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Image Laura Summer, Photo: Sampsa Pirtola

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