Equality in Rights

Maaianne Knuth is the Director and Co-Founder of the Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe.

Asis How has Kufunda practiced “equality in rights“, particularly in terms of gender balance?

Knuth We don’t have to fight to move beyond what is holding us back. We can find our way through love. We have found in our gender work that although we sometimes need separate spaces, we can transcend the polarities present in gender rights work by affirming the dignity of every one. For instance, we work with empowering women through “Women are Medicine“. It is a program focused on enabling women to come back home to who they are and what they dream. Out of this work, the men discovered the profound change in the women, thus also in the community. Women were changing from inside-out. The men said, “This works! What about us? We also need our own healing journey.“ So, a local men’s circle emerged. They meet every month to have conversations about what it means to be a man in this changing landscape. Recognizing that men and women have equal rights—we all lose when one is held back.

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