Every Class Counts

A nationwide initiative to recruit new Waldorf teachers in Germany.

This October, the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen [Association of Waldorf Schools] launched a campaign to recruit new teachers for Waldorf schools. The campaign, called “Jede Stunde zählt” [Every Class Counts], is aimed in particular at already trained teachers but also seeks those who are interested in beginning a new career. The campaign website offers information about the foundations of Waldorf education, as well as examples of potential job descriptions and training programs. The main focus of the site is the testimonials by experienced Waldorf teachers. Teachers offer short videos or written texts, where they talk about their multifaceted daily work, their work with students as well as their own inner motivations for teaching. The campaign also provides content on the social media channels YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

More Jede Stunde zählt

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Konstantin Börner/Nordsonne Identity, Berlin

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