For the newsletter assoziationen, published by the World Goetheanum Association (WGA), the editorial team is itself an association: Alexander Capistran (editor-in-chief), Jens Heisterkamp of the magazine info3, Jonas von der Gathen of Schindler & von der Gathen, Falk Zientz of GLS Bank, and Louis Defèche of our own weekly Das Goetheanum. Together, they are asking the question: What does it mean to do business “associatively”? Andrea Valdinoci, General Manager of the WGA, spoke with us.

Andrea Valdinoci, Photo: Paul Stender

Why was it important for your association to create a new publication?

Actually, the impulse came out of the collaborative work within the World Goetheanum Association (WGA), where organizations and partners are engaging with the current challenges facing society. The idea of how to “practice associating” kept being brought to the fore. In general, our skills and perspectives are attuned to an overall goal for the development of society; so, how can we harness these more general aptitudes to develop new approaches to specific solutions? We chose a collaborative approach among various anthroposophical editorial teams in order to focus on this theme together and to learn by working collaboratively through this process. This is what we hope we can share with the readership of this newspaper.

What articles are you most excited about printing?

We want to provide examples of helpful and inspiring associations, to enter into a critical dialogue, and to show the potential as well as concrete situations involved in such associative processes.

Who do you imagine is your audience for this newspaper?

Anyone who is interested in new forms of collaboration and association.

What are the next steps for your association? How will the newspaper project continue?

We look forward to hearing the response from our readers. We’ve planned to publish four issues over the next 18 months.

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Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Sofia Lismont

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