Compacting and Internalizing

The first ‹African Biodynamic Trainers Workshop› took place from October 18th to 23rd, 2022 in Zimbabwe.

The event at the Kufunda comunity village, a young biodynamic initiative, was attended by 30 interested people from eleven countries. An essential part of the workshop was the integrated open training day on soil fertility, which another 30 regional farmers attended. One of the main objectives was the joint peer-to-peer learning, from trainer to trainer. On the one hand, the workshop was very practice-oriented – the participants composted and created preparations – and on the other hand, what was learned and seen was condensed and internalized through reading, observation exercises, creativity, and reflections. The organizational core group, consisting of Helen Van Zyl from South Africa, Angela Hofman from Sekem in Egypt, Liron Israely from Adama Chaya Center in Israel, and Maaianne Knuth from Zimbabwe, agrees that this joint learning will continue, and that this type of workshop will be repeated very soon.

Translation Monika Werner
Image African Biodynamic Trainers Workshop

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