Finding Community

The Latin American Biodynamic Trainers’ Workshop took place from December 7th – 10th, 2022, in Lima.

Thanks to this event, biodynamic educators from all over Latin America were able to come together for the first time. Sixty-five new and experienced trainees from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru all participated in the workshop. One of the event’s main objectives was to build a community and strengthen networks for mutual support, training, and communication: getting to know each other, exchanging experiences and challenges, and identifying common development-paths. During the workshop, the focus was also on theoretical foundations of adult education in anthroposophy and on learning about perceptual exercises, artistic activities, and holistic teaching methods. Questions such as ‹How can we promote meaningful learning processes?› and ‹How can we contribute to human development through biodynamic education?› accompanied and inspired this critical workshop.

Translation Monika Werner
Image Latin American Biodynamic Trainers’ Workshop

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