Building Bridges: A Whitsun Festival

The Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to Building Bridges: A Whitsun Festival, in partnership with the World Social Initiative Forum. Monday, May 29, at 9:30 am PT/12:30 pm ET/18:30 CET via Zoom. Questions asked by Franka Henn to Katrina Hoven of the ASA.

Why does the Anthroposophical Society in America want an international Zoom-event for this Whitsun?

This centenary year feels like a special time to look beyond our own country and see how anthroposophy is flourishing not just on our continent everywhere. This past New Year, when many people gathered in Dornach to mark the 100 years since the First Goetheanum’s burning, we planned a corresponding event with our colleagues from Koberwitz 1924 Inc in the Philippines. While the Foundation Stone was spoken in Dornach at midnight, 500 people from around the world came together on Zoom to speak the Foundation Stone Meditation in three languages. That is how we began the year. “Bridging the Temple Between” feels like the next step following this collective vigil. It’s very special to be planning this with WSIF!

What do you want to create in this meeting?

We were very inspired by the Bridge Verse offered by Rudolf Steiner to Ita Wegman in our planning. We thought about bridges between the past and future, and how to more consciously bridge between self and Other, while becoming conscious of the spiritual impulse at the Goetheanum and in a variety of unique anthroposophic communities all over the world. We want to create a festive mood that celebrates this crossing, these bridges, and this sacred “between” people practicing and living anthroposophy from all corners of the world.

Do you have plans to continue building up an international network through such events?

While we don’t have anything specifically planned, we are building relationships and connections in order to continue to co-host events and programs like this one with our international friends. Because the US is so big, we host many online offerings which connect with folks internationally. In recent years, we have had more and more people from abroad join programs hosted by the Anthroposophical Society in America, so it feels like our community is growing! This international community helps us to also consider how we are speaking with people all around the world.

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Image taken from the flyer of the event.

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