Biodynamics in Africa

Cairo, Egypt. The first biodynamic conference in Africa.

The first African conference on biodynamics will take place in Egypt from May 10 to 12. The event is organized by the Egyptian Biodynamic Association and will be held at the Heliopolis University in Cairo and the Sekem Farm in nearby Bilbeis. The conference will feature key biodynamic organizations and practitioners from various African countries and is open to all interested parties. The event’s program covers a wide range of current topics: For example, resilience strategies in the face of the climate crisis, cultural diversity and upcoming generations, access to national and international markets as well as indigenous knowledge that can enrich biodynamics will be discussed. The conference organizers are also asking the anthroposophical community for donations to support initiatives with limited financial resources to participate in the event.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Karl Wiggers from unsplash

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