A Celebration of Biodynamics in Bali

Senganan, Bali. 1001 horns for 100 years of biodynamic agriculture.

The biodynamic community in Bali, Indonesia, celebrated the centenary of biodynamic agriculture with a special event. In February, more than a hundred participants buried 1001 horns filled with cow dung in the soil on the Tabanan Orange Farm near the village of Senganan. Horn manure, also known as preparation 500, is a biodynamic farming practice in which cow dung is buried in horns and left to ferment in the soil for up to five months. The preparation is then used to improve the soil in agriculture. Biodynamics was introduced on the Indonesian island in 2019 and has since developed into a solid community. The festive burial of the preparations was attended by biodynamic farmers, the local government, and other villagers interested in biodynamics.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Sofia Lismont

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