Benefitting from Each Other

From November 2021 to June 2022, the World Social Initiative Forum hosted an online meeting with workshops for East Africa. In several interactive workshops, numerous people have spoken about resilience in times of pandemic politics. For the Wochenschrift, one of them reported afterward:

I am thrilled to have participated in the online meetings of the World Social Initiative Forum ‹Healing, Courage, and Hope› of East Africa. It allowed us to share our experiences and expertise beyond our borders, especially when you understand that civilizations cannot grow without communication and integrating different people’s experiences. The workshop ‹Sprinkle the seeds for schools of connection›, which I offered with my colleagues from Sekem, Amira Badawy, Mona Abouleish, Marwa Talate, and Tamer Badr, had a strong influence on me. Because I felt that other people were interested in hearing how we worked with our students during the Covid pandemic. And on top of that, it has been very fortunate to see that our presentation is a helping hand for others, accommodating them in regions far from us. Equally impressive for me was the interest of the participants, their interaction, and the exchange of questions. This forum drew my attention to something significant: we do not live in an isolated world, the Sekem community, but we must offer the opportunity to have other experiences to benefit from each other and strengthen our human relationships.

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Image The contributors from Sekem during the East African workshop of the World Social Initiative Forum. Photo: Nana Woo – Translation: Monika Werner

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