What Do I Mean by Peace?

I believe ‹positive peace› has two principles. One is ‹equality› or more precisely cooperation with mutual and equal benefit. Please underline ‹and equal›! The West has nothing against mutual benefit, which is called ‹capitalism›.

But it is not equal. The tragedy of the West is that it would like an extra portion, that 120 percent extra. The second component is ‹harmony›. This quality lies within. It means that one empathizes and compassionates with the other. You suffer when millions die of hunger or kill themselves, and you rejoice in someone else’s happiness. Equality and harmony are not bad formulas for marriage. Then comes the negative side. There are two things that threaten this drama: unresolved conflicts and the trauma of past violence. They can be solved through reconciliation.

From Johan Galtung: How do you define peace? (Youtube)
Translation: Wolfgang Held

Photo Sofia Lismont

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