Visiting Moldava

On behalf of the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development, Sonja Zausch visited initiatives in Moldova in early April.

The country lies between East and West and can accurately depict the political transition with its global challenges. The Waldorf School in Chișinău is a two-track, state-run, inclusive school with 690 school children and 50 kindergarten children. Many of the teaching staff are open to Waldorf education, but they have no training in it. About 50 interested people were at my lecture, with exercises on the theme: “What is and what does eurythmy mean in Waldorf education?” In the workshop on the experience of eurythmy with adults (social eurythmy), which was held three times, about 25 teachers reflected on the effect eurythmy can have on the individual and self-responsibility in relation to the social organism. During the week of my visit, the school also organized a “Week of Eurythmy”. Another reason for the trip was to implement a new impulse for a seminar on anthroposophical therapeutic education and social therapy. A group of about 20 people has already been found who would like to have a Council-certified seminar starting in the summer.

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Picture Eurythmy seminar with the teaching staff of the inclusive Waldorf School Chisinau/Modawien

Translation Gilda Bartel

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