The Wochenschrift Goes English

The Wochenschrift is undertaking a major project. In 2021, work has already been done diligently on setting up an English online edition. For this, we have now won Laura Scappaticci as an employee, who will support us in editing, production, and networking from the USA. She lives in California and is well connected in the English-speaking world. In recent years, she has organized many major events, including online, for the Anthroposophical Society in the USA and started two podcasts of her own: ‹The good may become› and ‹The Anthroposopher›.

Why is an English edition of the Wochenschrift interesting?

Newsletters such as ‹Das Goetheanum› can become a vessel. A place where you can envisage and create an offer to the world. Something that can make a change for the good, build a community and spark new ideas. With this new English edition, we have the opportunity to invite more people to engage with vibrant ideas and inspiring actions. The depth and scope of anthroposophy, its current impact on the world, and its future potential – which is desperately needed – can be highlighted in a new, broader way.

What will be the name of the English edition?

This is an interesting question that we are still working on. The brand and history are associated with the current name, so this is a way to look at it positively. But there is also the question of comparability. Is German understandable enough for English speakers? If we address a wider audience, will they have heard of the ‹Goetheanum›? In a way, this is a question of our time: how can we preserve history and tradition while inviting the new?

What is your background?

I am a mother of three children, 15, 13, and 10 years old. Our family lives in California, where both my partner and I work professionally with anthroposophy. I offer workshops in adult education on anthroposophical topics, and my interview-based podcast ‹The good may become› deals with the esoteric in daily life. In my previous position as program director of the Anthroposophical Society in America, I developed online conferences, webinars, and face-to-face events.

What are you looking forward to in this work?

I look forward to connecting people with new perspectives and ideas and creating an international community of readers and contributors. I look forward to inviting new people into a connection with anthroposophy and the most meaningful and vivid things in life.

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