The Importance of Training to Grow a Biodynamic Movement

Biodynamics in China

Since 2020, the Demeter China Association (DCA), has been actively developing local biodynamic agriculture. The association has organized different workshops on biodynamic preparations at different farms.

These workshops have been open to the whole community including BD and organic farmers, traders, consumers, or anyone interested in farming. The DCA’s training approach goes beyond the just the delivery of BD knowledge or practical skills, but also aims to provide a holistic experience of training by engaging the student’s whole being, including their thinking, feeling, and willing spheres.

DCA member Hermin Tang shared his experiences and the challenges of promoting biodynamics through various training activities – «As a participant who joined all the preparation workshops, it’s an amazing experience to notice all the nuances while making preparations every year, it is a time to see whether I have sharpened both my skills and sensory perceptions».

They have for example integrated online talks with foreign trainers, live practical experience with Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese Martial art, which have also become a common practice in BD training workshops.
Through these training workshop the bonds and networks within the community have been strengthened. The community is relatively small, and, as Hermin expressed, the DCA is in need of support from its peers and guidance from more experienced BD farmers. The association’s main priority now is to grow the BD community and develop networks among practitioners, and the training workshops have had that valuable impact. For Hermin, this has been challenging, but also rewarding – «I also enjoyed getting familiar with all the new faces in the BD community, especially young people. Young power is badly needed in promoting BD farming in the future, and I hope we can find a communication style that is attractive to more young people at large».
Nevertheless, while BD agriculture has developed for more than 20 years in China, Hermin acknowledges the need for more experienced trainers who can support training initiatives throughout the country not only on preparations, but also on other fundamental areas such as animal husbandry and bee keeping.

The DCA have identified different paths or strategies that could contribute to the strengthening and further development of the movement in Asia. Hermin recognized there is an urgent need to raise awareness of biodynamic agriculture and biodynamic/Demeter products within the country. At the same time, valuable contributions are possible in integrating traditional Chinese farming wisdom with biodynamic farming principles, as a means to keep farming traditions passed on.

Attracting and integrating more young people to the movement has also been identified as fundamental to the development of biodynamics in Asia. Finally, the DCA is working strengthen the networks of support and learning within the international community. The annual BD agriculture conference by the Section for Agriculture of the Goetheanum, as well as the exchange of experiences and training material with the Philippines, Malaysia and India association are considered valuable networks.

If you would like to know more about training opportunities in China please contact Hermin Tang at

Source Biodynamic Federation Demeter International

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