The Breathing of the Soul and Nature

How can human beings and the earth work together? This is the topic we will be exploring at the Arts Center in Ytterjärna, Sweden from April 13-16. Environmental research, ecology, medicine, art, psychology, and agriculture will all be discussed at the conference and pave the way for deeper understanding and joint action.

Painting, photo: Hanna Rakel Svärd

The necessary external changes are enormous, and the changes required in our inner world and soul are radical. The age of human beings, known as the Anthropocene, has led to the crisis in which we and the earth find ourselves today. The earth is suffering, and the symptoms are dramatic and are affecting everyone worldwide. However, the Anthropocene also means that humans have the opportunity and the ability to turn development around, and it is our hope that individuals, groups, regions, NGOs, economies, and countries will want to steer development in a different direction. In the 11th century, mighty cathedrals were built in many places around Europe, seemingly out of nothing. These cathedrals can be role models for gathering strength, a common goal, and the ability to think big and long-term. Cathedrals were projects that were not measured by a person’s age but were projects that stretched far into the future. They were built for future generations and were expressions of the fervent worship of creative forces. Our challenge is to initiate new ‹cathedral projects› for future generations – with a long-term perspective and selflessness, out of love and responsibility for the earth and life on it. How does change come about? What skills are available to us? What does a fruitful interaction between human beings and the earth look like? What needs does the earth have as a living organism? How can we help and support each other?

More Inner Connections

Translation Monika Werner
Title Image Hall of the Kulturhus Ytterjärna, Sweden

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