Religion and Spirituality in Inclusive Social Development

A conference for impulses, exchange, and inner work in the fields of curative education and social therapy.

The School of Spiritual Science invites you to a conference on religion and spirituality in curative education and social therapy from October 4th to 6th at the Goetheanum. Through various lectures and discussion groups, we will look at how individuals in these professional fields experience their need for religion and spirituality and how they integrate this need into both their profession and everyday life. This can include festivals, commemorations, services, bible evenings, rituals, class lessons, study groups, and personal spiritual practice. Participants will be introduced to the practice of anthroposophical meditation. The event will be held in both German and English.

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Translation Laura Liska
Image Detail from Rudolf Steiner’s wall drawing, July 5, 1924, GA 317.

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