Regenerating Landscapes

The Ecology of Consciousness initiative seeks to show that every landscape can be regenerated.

Drought, fires, floods, and species extinction: climate change has certainly arrived in our backyards. Through its “Regenerations-Training,” the Ecology of Consciousness initiative demonstrates that it is not too late for positive intervention. The organization will offer a hands-on training course at the Weinberg community farm in Kalletal, Germany, from October 5th to 8th, where participants will learn how to restore the integrity of landscapes. In conjunction with inner regeneration exercises, participants will engage in place-based perception practices and learn about the ten biotopes and the basics of water retention. The goal of the training is to provide practical tools that participants can use to revitalize biodiversity, fertile soils, and healthy water cycles on their own land. Although the course will be held in German, the information is shared here for those who might be able to attend, and for others who might be interested in positive actions that are being taken around the world.

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Translation Laura Liska
Photo Firanka Mipinska/Unsplash

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