Path of Transformation

Regional and Global – the Future of Biodynamic Training

In 2019, the first international biodynamic training conference took place in Dornach, Switzerland. The second international conference for biodynamic trainers followed in 2022 with the objective of continuing to build cooperative networks and exchange between biodynamic trainers worldwide. During the preparations it became clear that the regionally and continentally different concerns required an adjusted approach. For this reason, and because there was still a risk of travel restrictions, we tried to develop new ways of working together: instead of a central conference, four regional workshops were to be organised and held on each of the four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, and America). The workshops were linked by the overall theme of the conference ‹Biodynamics as a Path of Transformation› and by an online contribution after the workshop. In the open online Train-The-Trainer meetings, the entire international community of trainers was able to exchange ideas, and regional teams adapted the form and specific content of the workshops to local interests, needs and contexts. Involving regional initiatives in the organisation and event coordination has strengthened regional networks and inspired them to organise more events. The workshops were coordinated and co-organised by the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum together with the Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International (BFDI). In addition to building networks and promoting exchange, the workshops have supported us in collecting holistic exercises and methods for training work in the field of biodynamic agriculture; these will be shared with all trainers in a manual produced by the BFDI. Another goal for the future is to create a charter of the principles of biodynamic training in the next few years, which will reflect diversity in training.

Translation Christian von Arnim
Image Asian Trainers Workshop

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