Organic Must Remain GMO-Free

Clear words from the biodynamic movement concerning genetic engineering in organic farming.

In the European Parliament, the environment and agricultural committees are currently negotiating and voting on new laws regarding the use of genetic engineering in EU agriculture. The first draft bill, presented by Swedish politician Jessica Polfjärd, provides for the current regulations relating to genetic engineering in organic farming to be relaxed. Organic farming would then also be allowed to use Category 1 genetic engineering without losing its label as a consequence. In addition, it would no longer be mandatory for seed companies to label genetically modified seeds as such.

The published draft was sharply criticized by the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International. Only a strict and all-encompassing ban on genetic engineering in organic farming would ensure that producers could decide for themselves to produce food without genetic engineering. Without a clear legal framework, the GMO-free sector would face even more challenges, such as reduced consumer confidence in organic products. Clara Behr, Head of Policy and Public Relations at the Biodynamic Federation, emphasized the importance of freedom of choice to produce without genetic engineering. Traceability and labeling are essential for this. Agriculture begins with sowing; it must be absolutely clear to farmers when seeds are genetically modified. According to Behr, this is the only way forward.

Source Demeter

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo source Lin Bautze

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